Value-Added Partnership
We bring deep industry experience and value-added operational resources to collaborate with management teams and drive sustainable value.

Solely focused on collaborating with lower-middle market companies since 2001, our partnerships center around mutual culture, business values, and goals as the foundation for driving sustainable growth and value for all stakeholders. We strive to work with management to develop and refine strategy while leaving day-to-day execution to the operators of the business.

Value-Added Support

We find that many of our partners initially sought investors who could bring additional resources to pursue both organic and inorganic growth opportunities. Our value-added resources help identify strategic initiatives that drive profitable growth. Subsequently, we invest in both asset and human capital infrastructure to position businesses to pursue these opportunities. Examples of our value-added support include partnership in:

  • Organizational development
  • Facility expansion
  • Geographic expansion
  • Strategic planning consisting of 100-day planning and long-term growth initiatives
  • In-depth product and margin analysis
  • Financial analysis, forecasting, and reporting
  • Information Technology upgrades and improvements
  • Strategic acquisition identification and execution
  • Proprietary market and industry research

Culture Based Partnership Mentality

At Caymus Equity, we have a team-based culture that values transparency, integrity, mutual respect and an open exchange of ideas, and we seek to have this same approach with our management partners. The cohesiveness of our team and flat organizational structure makes our firm flexible, quick to respond, creative and non-bureaucratic. We strive to make decisions quickly and consider speed and flexibility differentiators of our firm. As stewards of the businesses we invest in, we aim to always be accessible to our management partners.

Quality-Focused Investment Strategy

Valuing quality over quantity, we firmly believe that our targeted investment approach translates to an ability to invest in situations where we have a high probability of success. We only pursue opportunities where our firm can add meaningful value, and as part of that strategy, we seek investments with best-in-class management teams. We are not operators; however, we do maintain internal capacity to provide operational resources as needed to support management’s initiatives. As partners, we maintain a long-term perspective and exercise the highest degree of integrity.

Management Support and Continuity

Caymus Equity partners with high quality management teams and provides an attractive option for business owners who want to achieve partial liquidity while retaining a continued ownership stake and leadership position in the business. As a result, we rely on an owner’s incentive and desire to remain with the company and provide support to drive growth.

A Simple Mission Statement

Our mission is to work in close collaboration with our management partners to identify and achieve strategic initiatives that transform good businesses into great businesses. When done successfully, this winning formula creates long-term value for our partners and investors.